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Submission of Papers

Instructions for authors - Papers

The VI CIEV accepts panel and oral communications, as well as original or revision scientific papers related to the area of Veterinary Nursing and other Veterinary Sciences.

The authors must submit their respective papers until 15th of October 2019. The submission of these documents is done electronically only on the official website of the VI CIEV and will be compiled in a digital support format version Papers in conference proceedings of the VI International Congress of Veterinary Nursing.

Papers for oral communications, case presentations and posters (in English)

i) Title - bold

ii) Authors names - [last name(s)] complete and first name or the middle names initials, authors names should be separated by commas. Presenting author should be underlined.

In the author’ name responsible for the manuscript (could be or not the presenting author), an * should be placed next to the author who is responsible for correspondence and e-mail address and telephone from the corresponding author should be mentioned below affiliation.

At least one author must have registration and payment regularized in the congress until the date of submission of the abstract or paper.

iii) Institutional addresses (Affiliation) - when more than one institution is part of the work, consecutive numbers should be used in front of each authors name (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4,…) and before each institutional address. Students could use the respective school as affiliation).

iv) Body – margins should be 2.5 cm (all margins), line spacing 1.5, arial 12, first line indentation: 0.5 cm. Bullets and numbering should be avoided. Italic should be reserved for Latin names. Bold fonts should be reserved for text titles and sub-titles. Lines should not be numbered.

v) Papers should include the following sections:

Abstract - not exceed 250 words each and should be able to describe the study’s introduction, material and methods, main results and conclusions, when applicable;

Key-words – write up to six (6) key-words related to the animal species and to the study carried out;

Introduction, Material and methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions, Acknowledgments and References

The authors have full responsibility for the drafting of these sections, and may change them as best they can, as long as the formatting defined for the "abstract body" is maintained.

They must take into account the structural requirement of 4 pages for each paper (minimum).



i) Poster dimension should not exceed 120 cm height and 90 cm wide.

ii) Posters should be affixed by the beginning of the meeting and after checking the reception of the abstract on the date mentioned in the section "Informação/secretariado".

iii) Poster authors will have available material and equipment for poster fixation.

Official languages

Oral presentations and posters could be written and presented in one of the following official languages of the event: Portuguese, English or Spanish (note that abstracts and papers need to be written exclusively in English).

Submission of abstract


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