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‘Centre for the Study of Education, Technologies and Health’ (CSETH)

CSETH is aimed at developing research in the fields of Education Sciences, Health, Technologies and Management. This R&D Unit is organised in two research groups:

- Group A: Education, Health and Social Development;

- Group B: Engineering, Technologies and Management.

It is headed by a Governing Board composed of a Scientific Co-ordinator, Research Group Co-ordinators and an Executive Officer. Other bodies of the Unit are the Scientific Board, composed of all PhD researchers, and a Scientific Advisory Permanent Commission including a minimum of eight recognized experts, two of them being international.

The general objectives of this research centre are as follows:

-To develop research activities in the abovementioned fields, with particular emphasis on applied research.

- To promote cooperation and exchanges with other national and foreign research units or centres, with the aim of internationalising research and allowing for the development of transversal R&D projects (multi, inter and transdisciplinary projects).

-To empower the Unit’s critical mass of researchers through training at the doctoral and postdoctoral levels.

-To develop joint R&D projects with other organisations.

-To promote the implementation and organisation of scientific events of national and international coverage.

-To deepen the study and development of the integration of mediated resources in several teaching/learning settings.

-To promote knowledge on the human being, referring to socio-cultural contexts.

-To carry out studies and work oriented towards the needs of organisations.

-To promote the development of systemic and multidisciplinary analysis frameworks about the relation between education/training, research and development.

-To promote clinical supervision and quality in health.

-To promote pedagogical supervision and quality in education.

-To develop the enterprises’ competitiveness through knowledge dissemination, innovation and transfer of technology.

-To promote articulation between education and research systems in order to renew teaching, especially at the postgraduate level.

Research Work Directory

Research work developed by the Unit’s researchers might be found at:


Unidade de I&D do Instituto Politécnico de Viseu

Av. Cor. José Maria Vale de Andrade

Campus Politécnico

3504 - 510 VISEU