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Erasmus Policy Statement 2014-2020

The international cooperation of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (PIV) is preserved in its statutes and promotes, directly or through its schools, the integration into networks, partnerships and cooperation relations with foreign higher education institutions, international scientific organizations, and other institutions, in particular within the European Union, bilateral or multilateral agreements signed by the Portuguese Government. The PIV also promotes cooperation within the Portuguese speaking countries for the purpose of joint coordination activities. Actions and international cooperation programmes must be compatible with the nature and purposes of the Institute and its schools and take into account its strategic development and broad lines of national policy, especially in what concerns education, science, culture and international relations.

For choosing partners it will be considered the academic offer, learning and training conditions, teaching and learning language, facilities and viability for joint projects development, both in terms of teaching/training and research that may bring skills development benefits to students, teachers and staff.

With regard to geographical areas, particularly in Europe, priority is given to countries that allow the development of activities in English, offer learning / training opportunities suitable to students and staff needs, have proper socioeconomic conditions to our participants and might be a member of a sustainable partnership for future international cooperation projects development. As for non-European countries, priority is given to the Portuguese-speaking countries. The PIV aims to increase the number of agreements with higher education institutions and other organizations in these countries not only on the academic cooperation activities point of view, but also on the perspective of students and staff training. In this sense the PIV is part of a set of institutions that signed cooperation agreements with Brazil in order to receive students from this country. The PIV has a support service to Portuguese-speaking countries students that not only receives and integrates students from these countries at the institution, but also aims to cooperate in the dissemination of the cultural heritage of these countries, reinforcing the existing bridges.

The internationalization policy adopted by the Polytechnic of Viseu is aimed at promoting cooperation, exchange and mobility as fundamental means to achieve the following objectives:

- Quality in training, based on the principle of broadband education, including development of key-competences, stimulus of entrepreneurship, creativity, autonomy and high-level performances, in order to promote employability;

- Lifelong learning, enhancement of learning and training opportunities;

- Improvement of recognition and transparency of qualifications and skills, in order to increase international mobility for study or professional purposes;

- High level research patterns and promotion of knowledge production/transfer, innovation and cooperation with social partners;

- Intercultural comprehension, language learning and transnational citizenship;

-Quality in services, based on international good practices, including the enhancement of social dimension in higher education;

- Quality and innovation at all institutional levels, including contents, methodologies and practices, with emphasis on ICT;

- Equal opportunities.

The main target public for international cooperation activities is students both from 1st and 2nd cycle, either for study periods or placements. Students integration in internships will be encouraged, both for curricular and extracurricular training, taking the advantages from the PIV membership in the largest Portuguese Regional Consortium "Erasmuscentro" which gathers all polytechnics in the central region of Portugal.

Our staff is also a priority in the field of international cooperation mainly for the development of teaching assignments, training and other research projects that strengthen the synergies created for the benefit of PIV national and international students.

The Polytechnic Institute of Viseu has its international cooperation activities duly certified on the quality management system by fulfilling with the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001:2008 standard ( This certification formalizes the planning, management, monitoring and evaluation of the developed activities and their impact on the institutional structure.