Education has always been considered a crucial area in the evolution of societies. This concern is also revealed by analyses of the historical evolution of education, from an epistemological perspective, beginning with classical thinkers and up to the present day.


In the light of the ever-increasing interest being shown not only by educationalists but also by politicians in this field, we have been contacting those involved in the worthy mission of teaching and fostering culture.


The challenge to provide a relevant interface between culture and education/training has been fully and energetically met by EAIE, an organization to which we have the personal and institutional honour of belonging.


The excellent work done by this association, as revealed in its annual conferences, inspires and reminds us of the pressing need for continuous professional renewal and educational innovation.


Every year it is hoped that EAIE, in its plenary congress, will promote a free forum for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of experiences, a space for the meeting of peoples within the ambit of developing professional awareness.


EAIE should continue to carry out its noble task of improving our world.



President of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu


* Translation: John McKenny